Kid Funny Jokes With Answers


Kid Funny Jokes With Answers


Clean jokes for kids

Q: What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?


Q: Why did the scientist go to the tanning salon?

A: Because he was a paleontologist.

Q: What happened when a faucet, a tomato and lettuce were in a race?

A: The lettuce was ahead, the faucet was running and the tomato was trying to ketchup.

Q: Why was the student’s report card wet?

A: It was below C level!

Q: How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?

A: Tentacles.

Q: What did the traffic light say to the car?

A: Don’t look, I’m changing.

Q: What do you call cheese that is not yours?

A: Nacho Cheese

Q: How do you find a Princess?

A: You follow the foot Prince.

Q: What streets do ghosts haunt?

A: Dead ends!

Q: What did the penny say to the other penny?

A: We make perfect cents.

Q: Why did the man with one hand cross the road?

A: To get to the second hand shop.

Q: Why did the boy sprinkle sugar on his pillow before he went to sleep?

A: So he could have sweet dreams.

Q: Why did the robber take a bath?

A: Because he wanted to make a clean getaway.

Q: What happens if life gives you melons?

A: Your dyslexic

Q: What music are balloons scared of?

A: Pop music

Q: What did the judge say to the dentist?

A: Do you swear to pull the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

Q: Why did the boy tiptoe past the medicine cabinet?

A: He didn’t want to wake the sleeping pills!

Q: What do you get when you cross a fridge with a radio?

A: Cool Music.

Q: What goes up when the rain comes down?

A: An umbrella.

Q: Why did the belt go to jail?

A: Because it held up a pair of pants!

Q: What happens if life gives you melons?

A: Your dyslexic

Q: What did the stamp say to the envelope?

A: Stick with me and we will go places!

Q: What kind of lights did Noah use on the Ark?

A: Flood lights!

Q: Why don’t you see giraffes in elementary school?

A: Because they’re all in High School!

Q: Which is the longest word in the dictionary?

A: “Smiles”, because there is a mile between each “s”!

Q: Which month do soldiers hate most?

A: The month of March!

Q: What did the painter say to the wall?

A: One more crack like that and I’ll plaster you!

Q: Why did the computer break up with the internet?

A: There was no “Connection”.

Q: Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants?

A: In case they get a hole in one!

Q: Why can’t you take a nap during a race?

A: Because if you snooze, you loose!

Q: Why did Goofy put a clock under his desk?

A: Because he wanted to work over-time!

Q: Why did Johnny throw the clock out of the window?

A: Because he wanted to see time fly!

Q: What do you call a book that’s about the brain?

A: A mind reader.

Q: When do you stop at green and go at red?

A: When you’re eating a watermelon!

Q: Why did God make only one Yogi Bear?

A: Because when he tried to make a second one he made a Boo-Boo

Q: How did the farmer mend his pants?

A: With cabbage patches!

Q: Why did the man lose his job at the orange juice factory?

A: He couldn’t concentrate!

Q: How do you repair a broken tomato?

A: Tomato Paste!

Q: Why did the baby strawberry cry?

A: Because his parents were in a jam!

Q: What was the Cat in the Hat looking for in the toilet?

A: For thing one and thing two.

Q: What did the hamburger name his daughter?

A: Patty!

Q: What kind of egg did the bad chicken lay?

A: A deviled egg!

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