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Number game

123 numbers game is educational games for kids, games for toddlers, is designed for kids. Pick a number game helps Kids to learn number, read number, write number and count number. It is math games. Numbers game is a method preschool. The numbers game is educational apps for kids. The Toddlers can learn mathematics through math games. This is Games for children, Games for babies: + With the Kids games: Your Toddlers will learn numbers list: 0 123 456 789 + With the Kids games: Your Toddlers can read numbers. + Count numbers: Kids can learn to count number + With the Kids games: Kids remember the numbers as well as practice their memorizing ability + Develop the logical thinking + Develop mathematics skill + Numbers game will training these useful skills such as: concentration, patience during get over the target. + Pick a number game make the Kids feel interested and learn more effectively. + Math games help children playing – learning many knowledge, help children in early education, preschool. The number game includes 10 rounds: 1. Kids learn numbers 0 123 456 789, shape and pronunciation. 2. The eggs in a basket, each time an egg is chosen number will appear with the pronunciation.

Pick a number game
Pick a number game
3. Toddlers choose one number in eight numbers which like one in the above line. 4. Toddlers look for the remaining similar number to match them correct number. 5. Numbers onto balloons in many lively colors, children choose numbers which are similar to the identified number. 6. Children choose numbers follow the game’s suggestion, the diffidence is these numbers will be glued onto the trains in colorful and lively design. 7. Children draw numbers from one to ten, write number, help children enhance imagination ability, practicing to memorize and more intelligent. 8. Listen choose number: the number game will ask children some questions about number, children have to concentrate one hearing and choosing numbers correctly. 9. Number Puzzles: Children will puzzle numbers from 0 123 456 789 into the board follow ordinal number 10. Choosing missing numbers in the list number up or down: Children will find out the missing number to match with the series of numbers correctly.

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