And ultimately become the BRAIN LORD, of a city called Toronto. Yup, Canadian love!

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Honestly, for an Enix game I am surprised. The story is actually kind of weak. It seems like they tried to focus entirely on the gameplay here and disregard how important the story was. The NPC’s and the cutscenes do provide some insight as to what’s going on, but honestly, it’s one of the weakest story lines I remember for the SNES. Shame on you, Enix.


But, this is an action RPG, so the real guts of this game is in the game play, is it not? So, let’s check that out.

Your journey will take you across five different dungeon. The Tower of Light, Ancient Ruins, The Ice Castle, Droog Volcano, and The Platinum. Five may not seem like a lot, but these dungeons are somewhat long and equally grueling. Your quests through these dungeons will finally make you understand why this damn game is called BRAIN LORD. It’s 75% about puzzle solving.

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Sure, there are enemies, and you’ll encounter quite a lot of them, they really aren’t the focus of this game. I sort of felt like they were just in the way when I was trying to figure out how to hit switches, or move objects in order to get to the next room. It’s hard to compare this to Zelda, but when you were playing Zelda the puzzles all had a trick to it, typically involving an item you just acquired in that dungeon. These puzzles just felt lackluster in design, and each dungeon had the same damn puzzle with the same damn solution for the most part. You’re killing me, Enix…


And remember how I said you do have assistance in the form of allies? Well, these allies are more like the spiritual allies you’d find in other games. They aren’t controllable, and they just float around helping you here and there with enemies that are being a nuisance. Even the boss fights (which there aren’t many of), are really ill conceived.

The one thing this game had going for it was the sheer amount of weapons and items you can find during your quests. It does give you a hell of a lot of variety when you are fighting said enemies. The Boomerang has to be my personal favorite. So reminiscent of Link.

When you think of Enix, what do you think of? If an amazing soundtrack comes to mind, then you’re dead on! Unfortunately, this game has a pretty pitiful score to it. Not sure what happened here, but this doesn’t sound like an Enix game at all.

Besides the music, the graphics are so flat, with an overabundant use of tiles that it drives me absolutely mad. Talk about repetition….every location is a mirror image of the last one with a new tile set.

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