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Legendary League 1

One of the feelings that any player of the Legendary League of years has felt over the last few years is the boring title of this game. Well bored, exactly the game is boring, bored style, bored images and bored even the new generals lack the soul of each individual generals that are simply patchwork, instead of Replace what was before.

Legendary League 1

Play game Legendary League 

For instance, Aurelion Sol has a stunned-like Anivia Ice Stunner.Tahm Kench with Ultimate is like stealing Rek’sai with the effect of “transport” allies. Taric has just been upgraded with new stunts, unlike the upgrades of the Q – Poppy Shock Armor with additional stun effects. It can be said that almost all new generals’ attacks are minor enhancements to the effect – less styles and interfaces from the old generals. Too boring!

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However, after looking through the upcoming updates of the League of Legends, Riot revealed, players have quickly feel the sense of ecstasy. Why? Because what Riot Games is lacking in this title is getting better – although it’s a bit slow, though the game is 7 years old. With the changes in equipment in the coming time, Riot Games would like to remind players that “the time has come, they want to play, meta game is expanded and developed through the equipment that gamers up ”


Legendary League 2

Play game Legendary League

Dota 2 is said to be “copied” as well, because Dota 2 is long regarded as a game with many equipment that affect the most type of game MOBA. And the Secret Alliance is a little parody, but more developed! For example, are you tired of following a post for Yasuo? Go up the power knife, blood, 2-3 dishes resistant to the enemy team and then the game Ninja and the same battle, only one game – Bored phèo. So why not try variations in a new play, as the upcoming equipment is capable of activating, creating more new effects?

Legendary League

Play game Legendary League 


Quite a lot of gamers evaluate the addition of triggered equipment, adding the skill to the generals in the League of Legends will make this game more complex. Why not? Because it’s hard and you do not like to challenge? The Legendary Alliance has long been considered to have a faster firearm than Dota 2, so adding heavily activated equipment adds additional damage to the Alliance. The level of any player quick, quick, and judgmental in the fighting phase! See, who does not like to prove right …?

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Hopefully with future changes, the League of Legends will have to re-evaluate the difficulty of the game! The game will no longer be for kids because they need more than 2 hands to press and click, they need more heads! And the lack of “thinking” players will soon bored and abandon this game …

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